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No Friction, No Worries


You’ll find no brushes or cloth that touch the painted surfaces of your vehicle. No friction means no worries about your vehicle’s delicate clear coat. Our state of the art equipment and solutions will leave your car looking great.

Touchless means that our equipment uses only soap and high-pressure water to clean your vehicle. This is much safer for your vehicle than the standard brush car wash.

Need a Quick Clean?

Our Car Wash options are perfect for a quick clean. Exterior Wash with a wheel polish? Add interior wipe down? Wash those grimy mats? Customize your service to the exact needs of your clean!

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The best deal for you and your car! Sign up for our unlimited Wash Club. You select the service level (exterior only or full-service options) and save yourself stress and mess. It's more affordable than you think!


When your vehicle needs extra attention, it needs an extra level of clean. Extra messy needs extra focus! Post vacation grim? Wanting to impress? Prepping for sale? Schedule an appointment today.

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Committed to C'ville

Three generations of the Bascom family have been committed to Central Virginia!  As small business owners we know the importance of being part of our local community – whether it is in schools, churches, or business communities.  We are C’ville Proud!